This was my first ever post on Medium, something I am yet to start using regularly. They made the platform a paid subscription just when I had started regularly using it, but then the constant nagging of the paywall on clicking every other link was distraction enough to get busy with other things in life in front of me.

I do strongly feel an urge write regularly. I do find the content on Medium very relevant and tech/non-tech articles very helpful/amusing.

For the past 1 year. I’ve been working with a Vancouver based e-commerce company that sells mid-century modern furniture online. It’s been a journey full of learning and experience, despite having worked in the tech industry for 2+ decades, including a couple years in the Bay Area during the dotcom days and about 5 years at Amazon and elsewhere – in various roles ranging from a developer, SDM to Technical program manager. I’ve worked in half a dozen other business verticals in 3 countries/half a dozen different cities.

I feel like starting from a blank slate every time, though I’m able to leverage many of my transferable skills. I learnt that the hard way over the years, especially after joining Amazon in 2014.

I’ve also done a bootstrapped services/product startup that was doing fairly well, I put it on a pause to take up the Amazon role that I landed, kind of unplanned. Glad I did, got tons of learning during the years I was there.

Hello to my folks who’re still there!

This is just some random musings that came to my mind as a proof of concept that I can still “write” on my phone. Let’s see if anyone gets to reads this!

Another uncharted territory. Was probably easier to overcome the “Writer’s block” than I thought.

(Originally Published Dec 18, 2021)

Happy Holidays,


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Dharni D

Dharni D

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