I happened to publish my first few posts on Medium a few days back to a new duplicate account I created by mistake.

Today, I found my first Medium account that I signed up for back in 2013, 8 years ago!

Things were different then!In 2013, I used my Twitter account to sign up for this account.

I have an attachment to my older internet accounts. I am still using my 23 year old Amazon account from 1998!

I recall arguing with another company on helping me sign in using an older original account, while they were trying to give me access to the same information using new credentials. Internet accounts is an emotional thing for me.

Using my decades old credentials brings me back to the good old younger days of the internet when we all were trying to genuinely solve every problem and make life a bit easier, using the little power/tools the internet had to offer. Things were way, way simpler then. Almost everything had yet to be invented. We had pure innovation and collaboration everywhere, hardly any competition or worrying about profits.

Almost every time I try to use my older accounts to login on a website, I encounter errors after login. I don’t give up! Most websites find a way to make my older profile data work with their new/updated schema/design/architecture in a fairly automated way. Some don’t work at all probably due to their original rigid design or rigid bureaucracy.

Before you guess my age or I start sounding too boring, let.me.go.to.sleep.

The love for writing made me stay awake the whole night, again!

#internet #dotcom #newbie #old #nostalgia


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