Dharni D

Happy New Year 2022!

Hope this year is full of learning, building, sharing and caring.

No matter what framework we use to improve our ways of working or productivity what really matters is we make the world happier, one person at a time, starting with us.

We can make others happier only if we are happy.

Let’s pledge to he healthier and happier this year. The whole world ends up being a better place starting with us.




Just finished reading “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. Many Ideas and tools shared in the book – like “habit stacking” are something I have used in the past as well when I was trying to get ahead in life and do way better than I was doing at that time.

I got a copy of the book for my daughter as well.

I recommend this book to everyone who wants to improve the way they are working towards their goals.

I’m also about to finish reading another book, and am using a couple of ideas from this book to achieve the reading goal :).

Soar like an eagle in 2022.

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Some interesting musings from this morning – today is the lowest temperatures I’ve ever seen in Vancouver area.

And then the unprecedented storms and floods this November.

We also had the highest ever temperatures this summer. Temperatures I’ve never seen before even in warm places like India.

Walmart has stopped…